Qlik magic in 20 minutes...

I have been a big fan of this superior technology named Qlik for a few years now. If this isn´t Business Discovery magic I don´t know what it can be. Check this out:

This is what I did, I took the Data Base available in the INE which is the federal institution in charge of the elections held last Sunday the 7th. This data base had almost 150 thousand lines and about 40 columns and contains the results of each polling box installed all around our country.

Here is the important thing; Qlik magic gave the chance to transform raw data into an amazing dashboard in less than 20 minutes. Here are some examples:

This is raw Data:

Here is the dashboard showing national results:

Here is the same dashboard with the “Estado de Mexico” selection:

Here is the same dashboard with the “Huixquilucan” selection:

Here is the same dashboard with the “Section 2056” selection:

And finally the results for the Polling Box where I voted showing 44.83% of citizen participation, and that the political party “PAN” beat the rest of the participants in the federal elections for federal deputies.

Well, that´s Qlik magic done in less than 20 minutes. Beat that Blues, Yellows and Reds.

If you live in Mexico and want to find out the results for your polling box, just send me your section number and I will send you the results.

Alonso Pérez Taylor N.

Emprendedor, Vendedor de Tecnología, especialista en Big Data y Descubribiento de Datos, Mexicano.

(Publicado previamente en www.unos.mx/blog Junio 2015)

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